Etienne is a long-haired man from Portallini.

Appearance Edit

Etienne has a light colored skin with long blonde hair. He wears a French beret, white shirt and black pants. He also wears a black and blue-striped vest. He wears a pairs of maroon shoes with black laces.

Info Edit

When he was a boy, Etienne was trained to live as disciplined boy. However, due to his richness, his family also wants him to be cocky and picky. But, Etienne doesn't care about it much and wanted to be a normal boy. He keeps his trait till he grows, only getting a bit from his old memories, making him only a bit picky. He works as a cleaner in Pastaria at first, although its a bit weird for rich man like him, he keeps on study, and eventually got promotion to a server, gaining payment that increases every week makes him happy and use it for charity. He has a secret, that he is also a scout for Portallini's army team.

Trivia Edit

  • He wears the same beret as Jojo.
  • He is from Portallini, where Pastaria is.
  • His favorite holidays are Summer Luau (Cupcakeria and Donuteria), Gondola 500 (Pastaria).
  • He likes something healthy.