Snow Queen outfit

Elsa is the queen of Arendelle and has cryokinetic powers. She can create anything out of ice and snow at will. Her sister is Anna. Her age is 21.


Coronation outfit: Her hair is actually her braid in a bundle and she has a black gown with patterns and a purple cape

Elsa 2

Coronation outfit

with bottle green socks and shoes.

Snow Queen outfit: Elsa has platinum-blonde hair and small snowflake clips in it. She is very fair and has a blue ice princess dress with ice slippers.


As a kid, Elsa and Anna played with each other with Elsa creating snowmen and snowfall. But that soon came to an end when Elsa froze Anna's head. She tried to conceal her powers untill her coronation, when Anna pushed her too far and Elsa revealed her powers. Elsa ran off to the north mountain, where Anna ventured to find her. Anna came back to Arendelle with a frozen heart and soon froze to solid ice. When Elsa saw this, she started crying for the loss of her sister. But, as it was told that and act of true love can thaw a frozen heart, Anna thawed into a regular human and they all lived happily after that. Elsa used her powers for good and helping the people while Anna fell in love with Kristoff, an icebreaker who helped her get to the top of the north mountain.


  • She is the queen of Arendelle.
  • Her sister's name is Anna .
  • She has cryokinetic powers.
  • Her age is 21.