Elliot is a male customer who first made their appearance in Papa's Grilleria.

Flipdeck Info: Edit

Hometown: Mt.Meat

Loves: Fish

Hates: Spice

Occupation: Sauce School Student. Fish Fillet Maker.

Elliot lives in the town of Mt.Meat with his friend, Jake. Elliot absolutely loves fish so he worked as a Fish Fillet Maker. When he going to Sauce School, during the summers, he plays the band where he does the guitar. Elliot's parents moved into Frostfield because of the danger in Mt.Meat. Elliot was happy about Mt.Meat and the danger for him was not that terrifying for him.

Relatives: Edit

  • Chain(friend)
  • Martio(father)
  • Jake(friend)
  • Seina(sister)
  • Daniel(brother)

Appearance: Edit

Elliot has ordinary skin and has got smooth, dark black hair. He wears a navy blue shirt with a white spade (the spade in cards), blue headphones and dark blue jeans. He wore blue shoes with white stripes on it. In his interesting adventures, he always carries a skateboard with a cherry bomb designed on it. He got squared glassed which are white outlined. He has got a normal belt. Usually, he has a different type of gloves which are blue.