Aiden is a boy who likes the fireworks in Starlight City. He is Blake's fan. His appearance is made by Shaira Sultana and his story is created by Garney the Garnet Dragon.


Aiden has thick brown brows with short, brown hair. He wears a black tee with a red neck and a red flame-like pattern at the bottom. He has the red and white striped belt with black pants. To finish it all, he wears black shoes with red laces.


Being a huge fan of Blake, Aiden is quite a food judge even though he isn't a closer. He also likes the fireworks in Starlight City and goes every year to see the Annual Firework Festival near Papa's Wingeria.


  • His clothes only include three colors: Red, Black and White
  • He seems to like Blake a lot as he acts like him in terms of being a closer.
  • He also seems to like the fireworks in Starlight City.
    • For this reason, he attends the Annual Firework Festival every year.